The aim of this part was to create a simple, real-time overview of the devices' status that are part of the current system. The Dashboard includes two main pages:

  • a list-like overview of all devices in the system with some of their significant health data
  • and a page dedicated to per device overview with
    • OS and Kernel information
    • CPU, RAM and Swap data (with visualization)
    • and a list of running processes.
  • access to server and remote terminals and a specific pop-up to deploy packages


We used Material Design Lite, as it relies only on html, CSS and vanilla javascript, works easily across most of the popular browsers and devices and is open-source (Apache License 2.0).


Charts are only used per device to offer a cleaner end result.

The gauge charts (by Chartist) give the user a graphical representation about the current status of the device, while the linechart (by Chartjs) provides a more detailed look on the changes of this status with time.

Gauge chart

Line chart